• Hello, This is My Work.

  • Choreography


    40 minutes

    Premiere: Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival in Cyprus (2019)


    Why do we migrate? What makes us move and what makes us stay? Oscilo explores the human instinct to move around spaces, worlds, and lives; striping the topic of immigration of political and social agendas and winding it down to the raw and simple motives for leaving or staying home.

    Somos Más

    11 minutes

    Premiere: Festival de Coreógrafos in Puerto Rico (2019)


    What is a social warrior? Who is right or wrong in the search for justice? Somos Más explores the constant need to stay in a defensive state against any type of attack. The six women of the work act as vigilantes in a society that is ready to pin them down, quiet them and take away their freedom. They are not violent, but instead in a constant state of alertness–ready to fight for the next social change.


    This comes as a response to an alarming number of female deaths due to domestic violence in Puerto Rico.


    11 minutes

    Premiere: Encuentro Coreográfico in Puerto Rico (2019)


    Transitions can often take us by surprise and feel more abrupt than welcoming. Interlunio explores how tides can change due to their relationship to the moon using dynamic lighting and movement.

    Soy Sólo Un Virus

    8 minutes

    Premiere: Cuerpo en ECOS in Puerto Rico (2019)


    How does an idea spread? Soy Sólo Un Virus explores the concept of a virus, but twists it into how we spread beliefs and perceptions. Ideas have often been widely believed until someone discredited or challenged them. Often times, negative perceptions of each other comes from rumors that spread like a virus. And scientifically, often times, a virus is eradicated by another one. The work battles between a multiplicity of virus, asking you to question, what is good or bad? Which one is destroying an environment or which one is saving it?




    8 minutes

    Premiere: CoDa 21 (2018)


    Dance of three bodies in constant fluctuation between morphing into one and separating to become independent beings.


    Solos of Fleeting Beauty: Kiss

    5 minutes

    Premiere: Balleteatro Fest (2017)


    Duet that ruminates on the fleeting sensation that is experienced before kissing someone for the first time.


    From the Cracks

    16 minutes

    Premiere: Balleteatro Fest (2017)


    We all can reach a breaking point, so from those cracks we must reemerge and find what's left to rebuild. From the Cracks explores the tenacity of fighting for a better tomorrow while moving through struggle.

  • Theatre

    I've had the luck of collaborating in multiple theatre and musical

    theatre productions with Teatro Cedín in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

    Little Women: The Musical


    Teatro Cedín (2022)

    Once on This Island


    Teatro Cedín (2020)

    The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

    Movement Director

    Teatro Cedín (2018)

    Billy Elliott: The Musical

    Associate Choreographer

    Teatro Cedín (2018)