Workshop based intensive in Puerto Rico that looks to promote the study and continuos exploration of contemporary dance. By bringing together local and international artists, we hope to promote the dialogue of how contemporary dance keeps evolving and what trends and decisions apply to the Puerto Rican contemporary dance scene.


    CONTEMPORA 2022 is the second edition of the intensive. This edition will be celebrated at the Ballets de San Juan studios in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This year's edition features three Puerto Rican teachers: Fernando Ramos, Jaime Maldonado, and Chanteé Díaz, plus two international guest teachers: Erin Kouwe from the U.S. and Gaby Hernández from México.


    Compañía Contempora is the artistic sister project of CONTEMPORA. Our mission is to offer professional development opportunities to young dancers who wish to pursue a career in dance. These dancers are either starting out in their professional careers, recently graduated from college programs or conservatories, or in advanced group at their training spaces. We hope to offer them a place of professional growth while also creating unique and original works that may impact and enlighten the Puerto Rican audience that is seeking to learn about and enjoy contemporary dance.



    Todos los artículos fueron donados por artistas puertorriqueños para asistir a la organización de Compañía Contempora a recaudar fondos para nuestra primera puesta en escena en agosto 2022.
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