Workshop based intensive in Puerto Rico that looks to promote the study and continuos exploration of contemporary dance. By bringing together local and international artists, we hope to promote the dialogue of how contemporary dance keeps evolving and what trends and decisions apply to the Puerto Rican contemporary dance scene.


    CONTEMPORA 2023 is the third edition of the intensive. This edition will be celebrated at Ballet Concierto de Puerto Rico & Teatro Victoria Espinosa in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This year's edition features eights Puerto Rican teachers: Fernando Ramos, Rafael Cañals, Jaime Maldonado, Karlo Martínez, María José Rodríguez, Jesús Miranda, Ángel Blanco and Chanteé Díaz, plus three international guest teachers: Erin Kouwe and Christian Warner from the U.S. and Gaby Hernández from México.


    CONTEMPORA hopes to offer varied approaches to contemporary dance studies. This year our workshop artists will offer unique insight into their contemporary dance practices, including:

    Improvisation & Phrasework with Ángel Blanco

    Musicality in Contemporary Dance with Chanteé Díaz

    Floorwork & Technique with Christian Warner

    Fuerza Suave with Gaby Hernández

    Partner work with Karlo Martínez & Jaime Maldonado

    Creative Process with Erin Kouwe

    Collaborative Creation with Fernando Ramos & Rafael Cañals

    Pilates with María José Rodríguez

    Yoga with Jesús Miranda




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